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Leave the hassle of managing your property to us. Our property management service takes care of everything from maintenance to rental income, so you can enjoy your investment worry-free.

professional services in managing villas and properties.

Effective property management is crucial for property owners as it ensures that their property is properly maintained, and their investment is protected. Our property management services provide property owners with a hassle-free solution to managing their real estate investments. With our experienced team, we handle the day-to-day operations of the property, ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

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Maximize Your Investment Potential with
Hassle-Free Property Management by Balibiza.

We offer our clients who build, buy, or lease property the opportunity for a hassle-free investment by entrusting all rental management to our Balibiza team. Whether you prefer daily, monthly, or yearly rentals, the sky is the limit based on the agreement contract. Investing with complete peace of mind ensures profitable rent and exceptional returns. Let Balibiza handle everything for you and benefit from the best of your investment property by entrusting the expertly managed rentals to our team.

Maximize Your Rental Income.

Enjoy high rental returns of 40% or more with our expert property management service, surpassing any other self-managed rental option. From marketing your property to managing bookings, our team of experts will handle every aspect of the rental process, ensuring a profitable investment for you.

We take the stress out.

From guest communications to round-the-clock check-in, cleaning, maintenance, supply restocking, and more, we handle it all for you. Enjoy a hassle-free investment and peace of mind with our comprehensive property management services.

Rest assured your property is in good hands.

Our team conducts regular quality control inspections and preventative maintenance to ensure your property is always in top condition.

Your Property, Your Rules.

Take control of your rental property and decide when it's available for bookings. With our flexible management services, you're in the driver's seat. Trust us to help you maximize your rental income, on your terms.

Transparency is Key.

We keep you informed about your property's performance with regular updates and detailed reports. Our commitment to complete transparency ensures that you can confidently invest with us and enjoy the highest returns possible.

Convenient Payouts.

We offer a range of versatile payout options to meet your specific needs. Whether you prefer monthly, quarterly, or yearly payouts, we've got you covered. Stay in control of your investment with our convenient and flexible payout options.

Knowing the earning potential of your Bali property Now!

Our team of experts is ready to provide you with an accurate and personalized estimate of your property’s earning potential. Get started today and see how much you could earn with Balibiza. Click the button to get a free estimation today.

how we do it.
Our Proven Strategies and Expertise.

Learn how Balibiza’s expert team can turn your property into a profitable holiday rental investment, with hassle-free management and 40% or higher rental returns.

  • Marketing Experts at Your Service.

    Our team of marketing experts is committed to driving bookings and maximizing the exposure of your property through compelling content. With a focus on targeting the right audience and building a strong presence, we work diligently to elevate your advertising efforts to new heights.

  • Accurate Financial Projections.

    Our data-driven approach to financial planning uses market analysis and a comprehensive financial model to provide accurate projections of your property's future earnings. You can make informed decisions about your investment with confidence, knowing that we have carefully analyzed all the data to provide you with reliable forecasts.

  • Extensive OTA Distribution Strategy.

    Our extensive OTA distribution strategy includes listing your property on over 25 top online travel agencies, direct booking websites, and promoting it through social media and local agent networks to ensure maximum visibility and bookings.

  • Reservation Support.

    Our reservation teams are located across three different time zones, providing guests with a 24-hour booking service. We are always available to assist with any inquiries or requests to ensure your guests have a seamless experience.

  • Exceptional Hospitality Services.

    Our team of experienced housekeeping and guest relations professionals are committed to exceeding industry standards and ensuring that every guest has a comfortable and enjoyable stay. From daily housekeeping to personalized concierge services, we go above and beyond to deliver an exceptional experience for our guests.

  • Round-the-Clock Maintenance Support.

    Our dedicated handyman team is available 24/7 to provide emergency repairs, conduct regular inspections, and perform preventive maintenance tasks for your property. We understand the importance of maintaining your property to ensure your guests have a comfortable and worry-free stay.

  • Centralized Supply Warehouse.

    We maintain a centralized supply warehouse for all properties under our management to ensure the best quality and prices. Our inventory management system tracks and restocks supplies on a regular basis, so your guests can enjoy a seamless and comfortable stay.

  • Performance Analytics & Reporting.

    Keep track of key metrics such as occupancy rate, rental income, and guest feedback. With our data-driven insights, you can make informed decisions to maximize your rental investment.

Transparent Pricing.

Our pricing is completely transparent – we don’t charge any fixed or hidden fees. Our commission-based services ensure that we only earn when you do. You won’t pay anything if your property doesn’t rent, except for the running costs of the property.

Our Pricing.

We offer a straightforward pricing model that is tailored to your specific property. Our fee is based on a percentage of the rental income generated, so you can rest assured that we are fully committed to maximizing your profits.

Property Management

by Balibiza Properties
  • Maintenance for garden & pool 2 times/week
  • Weekly Laundry of towels & bed sheets
  • Marketing on various platforms
  • Guest relations, check-in & check-out services
  • Monthly billing for services provided
  • Complimentary amenities & toiletries
  • 24/7 support for guests
  • Comprehensive cleaning & disinfecting
  • Access to a dedicated property manager
  • Detailed Reporting

Maximize Your Rental Property Income.

Boost Your Rental Income

We implement optimized listing strategies to ensure your property is booked more frequently, resulting in increased earnings for you.

Work Less, Earn More

Managing your rental property shouldn’t feel like a second job. Submit your property and let us do the rest.

Improved Performance

Our proven track record of earning positive reviews translates into increased bookings for your property.

Elevate Your Property's Performance.

Our mission is to take your property rental to new heights of success.

Effortless Management

Let us handle the day-to-day tasks so you can enjoy your passive income.

Maximize Revenue

Unlock the full earning potential of your property with our data-driven revenue strategies

Build Trust

We prioritize delivering exceptional guest experiences to ensure your property receives glowing 5-star reviews.

Reach the Top Rankings

We employ effective strategies to optimize your property’s visibility across all major online travel platforms and search engines.

Maximize Occupancy

Through our strategic approach to booking channel management, we optimize your property’s performance across various platforms, consistently achieving occupancy rates of 70% and above.

Delightful Experiences for All

With our commitment to guest satisfaction and staff well-being, we create a win-win scenario where happy guests and a contented team lead to a thriving rental operation.

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